We offer a wide variety of services ranging from trimming your retired show pony to shoeing for the highest level of competition.  We understand and respect that everyone’s time is precious; as a result, we offer punctual and reliable Farrier services.


Trims                                                                            $40.00

Draft Trims                                                                  $60.00

Front shoes (Plain steel)                                           $85.00

4 new shoes (Plain steel)                                          $105.00


Hot Shoeing 

(Included in standard pricing)

Shoe Modifications

(clips, rocker toes,  square toes, trailers, studs etc.  Price based on materials and labor)


(Flat , Wedge , Rim, Frog etc. price based on materials and labor)

Specialty Shoes 

(Aluminum, Bar shoes, Natural Balance, Wedge, etc.  price based on  materials and Labor)


Hoof Treatment                                                           $5.00

(For thrush, dry feet, etc.)

Hoof Repair & Reconstruction start at            $75.00

(based on average repair)


“Bad Mannered Horses”  If your horse is ill mannered or poorly behaved, an additional $75.00 fee will be applied.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe there is a potential for injury.




James Butcher APF-I

Please feel free to visit their site and see why this is a benefit to you and your horse.